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The role and impact of imaging technologies will take centre-stage in Athens, Greece this year!

Join us on 25 November 2021 at the anticipated 9th EAU Section of Urological Imaging (ESUI21) meeting where we will examine the effectivity, advantages and limitations of current and emerging technologies. We will explore which contemporary imaging methods are best suited to which treatment approach.

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Georg Salomon

Georg Salomon
ESUI Chairman

Why you should attend this congress

The best and most apt imaging tools

The meeting will investigate which imaging tools and strategies are most suitable and can deliver the best results.

Critical evaluations of technologies

ESUI21 will examine innovations in modern imaging in detail; from urological diagnostics to intraoperative visualisation.


Get the best of both worlds: Frontline imaging technologies at ESUI21 and multidisciplinary approaches at EMUC21.

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New #UROwebinar by Profs. @JimCatto, @MaartenAlbersen, @andreamari08 & @spsutkaMD

✔️Construct well-written intro & methods section
✔️Best ways to draft results & discussion section
✔️Find key points
✔️Obtain insights from editors

Free registration 👉https://bit.ly/3d2lski

The biggest urological event of the year; 36th EAU Annual Congress is approaching. Here is what to expect from the programme. Hope to see all my #urotwitter #UroSoMe friends at #EAU21 soon😊 @uroweb @Uroturk

Join our #EAU21 Virtual #LifeAfterCancerTreatment Session on remote follow-up programme and surveillance, urological #cancersurvivors, and implications of #incontinence at work. Chaired by @louisafleure.


@Uroweb @EAUNurses #EAUPI

In complicated SUI in women, consider secondary synthetic or autologous sling, bulking agents, colposuspension or artificial urinary sphincter (AUS) as therapeutic options.

#eauguidelines #femaleLUTS #incontinence #WCW2021


Beware of fraudulent EAU21 websites! The following website is FAKE: www dot congress-eau dot org.
Avoid paying excessive fees and risking not being able to access the virtual congress. Register only via the official #EAU21 website http://www.eau2021.org.

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